Contenu des formations

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1. Contents
- Practical and concrete, the fewest Math formulas,
- Tackle real actual industrial wonderings,
- Tackle regulations (standards, directive etc) ,
- Give rules and practical solutions that suit industrial context,
- Adapted to trainees’ level so fitted to a wide industrial audience,
- Tackle technological and regulation evolutions,
- Adaptable (on demand) regarding specific needs.

2. Form and means
- Simple and friendly speech,
- continuous Links and references to industrial reality,
- Examples and experience testimonies,
- Real Concrete Case studies,
- Experimentation on desks depending on kind of formation,
- Answers given to trainees’ questions,
- Permanent questioning to check trainees’ assimilation,
- Manual given to every trainee.

3. People concerned
-  Maintenance engineer and technician
-  Electrical engineer and technician
-  Civil engineering engineer and technician
-  Research department engineer and technician
-  Manufacturers and integrators
-  Installers (wires, etc)
-  Safety responsible and occupational medicine for module n°8.